2022 Convention & Expo Agenda

The organizing committee is proud to release the agenda for our 2022 virtual convention.  OOWA is confident that all of our member groups will find something of interest here and will join us on the mornings of Monday, February 28th and Tuesday, March 1st.   Special Note:  The organizing committee reserves the right to change or amend the […]

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Septic Sense Week: Day 1

During Septic Sense Week, OOWA will be posting tips and guidance on our social media platfoms to help homeowners manage theirs systems effectively. Here’s the message from today’s posting: “Your septic system is a biological system!Aerobic bacteria in your septic tank breakdown solids and pre-treats the effluent. Do: Flush pee, poop & paper (TP) Don’t: […]

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Summer Newsletter Out Now!

The summer edition of OOWA’s ‘Onsite’ newsletter is out now! Highlights include: Decentralized system project successful thanks to proactive municipal responsibility agreement negotiations Industry stakeholders comment on the hot real estate market and its effects on ownership transfer septic inspections Soil classifications and septic performance Produce company meets ECA requirements with innovative onsite solution Finding […]

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Property Owners’ Responsibilities under the Ontario Building Code (OBC)

Rural property owners are also private wastewater management system operators. They don’t have the luxury of flushing and forgetting like their city cousins. This is because the solids that they do flush remain on their property (contained in their septic tank) and the resulting effluent is returned to the soil under their own septic leaching […]

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New Intro to OOWA Video!

In an increasingly digital world, it’s important to be able to get your message out on the mediums that reach people where they are. This is why OOWA’s On-line Resources Committee created this brief video (below). We need to let the general public and non-member onsite wastewater professionals know what OOWA does and why the […]

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