Finding a Septic System Designer/Installer

Finding the Right Professional

Septic System Designer vs. Installer – What’s the difference?

A septic system designer’s role is to design the system in its entirety so that you can proceed through to the next steps of your system’s installation. Hiring a qualified and registered designer allows you to own the design commissioned for your property.

A septic system installer will work with you to provide their guidance and expertise to complete what needs to be done, in a step-wise approach. When you choose to hire an installer qualified by the province of Ontario, you are in essence hiring a Project Manager to oversee the entire process. Including the design proprietorship (which belongs to them) and installation of your system, in addition to the coordination of your onsite meetings and discussions.

Your installer will work through the approval process. Once approval has been obtained from your local Principal Authority, your qualified installer completes the on-site and permitted work as the work-related responsibilities and tasks belong to them.

Find a list of local installers or designers by visiting our ‘Find A Professional” page. 

Why hire a registered professional?

Enlisting the help of a qualified and registered professional is critical to the successful installation of your septic system. 

Be sure to ask your hired professional for their building code identification number – their ‘BCIN’. This number can be entered into the QUARTS database (Available Online) and will provide confirmation of their registration and legal approval to conduct this type of business in Ontario. 

When obtaining quotes and estimates, be sure they are comprehensive and detailed. Ask for specific details such as materials and soils used or whether the electrical work is included.