Septic System Approval Process

Septic System Approval Process

Septic System surveying tools1. Find out who has jurisdiction

Septic system applications are reviewed and approved in the province of Ontario under the Ontario Building Code (OBC). There are three possible agents who act as “Principal Authorities,” offering a septic system program under Part 8 of the OBC.

  1. Health Units
  2. Conservation Authorities
  3. Municipalities

To find out who has jurisdiction over your property, call the municipality or district office where you pay land taxes, and ask. They’ll either offer the program themselves or direct you to the Health Unit or Conservation Authority that has a contract to offer the program in your area.

2. Get a Septic System Application

Once you confirm who can offer the program to you, contact them and get a septic system application, including details about their procedures. Ideally, you’ll be able to download an application form on their website. The application form has been standardized, but each principal authority also adds its part to the application.

3. Make sure you have all the required information

Use your application as a guide to determining what information you may need to complete it. This may include information such as:

  • Property description, plan, lot, sub-lot, municipal address.
  • Clear directions to the site.
  • Complete all schedules:
    • Schedule 1: Designer information
    • Schedule 2: Installer information
  • Complete all Municipal Forms
    • Fixture Count, Septic System type and Design.
  • Provide a site plan of the property, including all features and locations of wells, buildings, driveway, fences, docks, garages, outbuildings, and lot dimensions.
  • Provide all neighbouring septic and well locations within 100′ft (30 m).

You’ll need to provide two test pits and soil information as part of the septic system design proposal to support your application.

4. Get a professional to help you file the application

The application must be completed thoroughly, including all of the required information, before it can be accepted by your local Principal Authority. On occasion, this can be difficult for owners as the information required for a qualified design is rather intricate. You may want to find a qualified and experienced Installer or Designer who can help take care of this process for you.