Registered Professional Program

Registered Professional Program (RPP)

OOWA’s RPP is streamlined to provide a pathway to a formal designation that recognizes our members’ efforts in continuing education and skills development. OOWA is working hard to provide RPP participants with special recognition and with more training options to encourage participation in the growing program.

Through the promotion of uniform standards for professional qualifications, technical aptitudes and safety training, the industry’s substantial ongoing growth and development is supported by well-trained professionals representing the various roles within our trade.

Registered Professional Program Application

Application for the Registered Professional Program (RPP) is made up of four categories of requirements, which are all to be submitted at the same time in your completed registration package. These four categories of requirements consist of:

  1. Membership & Provincial Qualification
  2. Health & Safety Training
  3. Education & Technical Aptitudes
  4. Professional & Industry Referrals

Once you have identified your desired designations and reviewed the above explanatory documents you can begin completing your application package.

Download a copy – RPP Application Package

If you are still developing the basic requirements of the registered professional program, check out OOWA’s In-Development Program, which will help get you there!

In-Development Professional Program

OOWA’s In-Development Program is designed for professionals currently building their experience and expertise. Eligibility requirements are simple: have an OOWA membership in good standing. Enrolment is renewed annually for up to three terms (3 years).

The program’s design is intended to build the experience and formal education and training identified in the Registered Professional Program (RPP) designation requirements.  Following the completion of a professional’s In-development term, a participant is eligible to apply for a designation within the RPP.

In-Development Application

Once you have identified your desired designation and have ensured your OOWA membership is in good standing, you can enrol in the development program immediately. Get started today!

Download a copy – In-Development Application Form

Please note: With your In-Development Application, you can also send along any relevant information including course completion certificates.