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All OOWA membership information is proprietary and may not be copied or used for solicitation of members for products or services.

Welcome to the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association

A Culture of Management
Onsite wastewater treatment is a key rural infrastructure asset that critically needs to create a culture of management to in order to effectively support its ongoing growth, function and performance verification requirements.

The regulatory structure under the Ontario Building Code provides a sound framework for the design and construction of rural residential infrastructure.  As it currently stands however, the “Building Code” lacks the clarity and support for ongoing system maintenance and inspection activities to verify that all systems continue to function and perform as they were intended to. Support of these initiatives is necessary to protect the environment, public health and offers the opportunity to maximize the return on existing investments.


Established in 1999, the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (OOWA) is dedicated to providing access to a large network of Onsite Wastewater Professionals throughout Ontario. Our members are at the front line of rural development, to support onsite systems as a viable permanent wastewater servicing option.

The Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association members include:

• Installers
• Engineers
• Contractors
• Regulators

• Septic Pumpers
• Manufacturers
• Designers
• Researchers



OOWA Events
    OOWA Events Calendar (click here for OOWA Event Calendar)

The primary concerns and interests of the Onsite Wastewater Industry are actively represented through a Board of Directors and the focus committees. Any member of the association is eligible to participate on the Board or a committee.

The Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association is also dedicated to continuing education with bursary awards to students enrolled in environmental engineering and related studies at Ontario's Colleges and Universities.

Members receive benefits through listings on our web site, access to important industry information as well as savings through our partners program.

With your membership support we will continue to build the profile and recognition of the onsite industry throughout Ontario. Click here to join.

Download the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association Information flyer

Lake Simcoe Onsite Inspection Programs — read about it here.

Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association
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Phone: 1-855-905-OOWA (6692)
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