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Changes to the Building Code Qualification and Registration Program

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) administers the Building Code qualification and registration program, which requires that certain building practitioners, including municipal building officials, certain classes of designers, and on-site sewage system installers, be qualified and registered to practice in Ontario.

MMAH is making a number of changes to the qualification and registration program. To improve the delivery of qualification examinations, MMAH has finalized an agreement with Humber College. Humber will assume responsibility for registering and hosting examinations, including the delivery of examinations online. Humber may, in turn, arrange with other community colleges and/or organizations to ensure examinations are available across the province.

As a result of the new examination delivery process, there will be changes to the way practitioners apply for examinations. A new online registration portal located on Humber College’s website (http://www.humber.ca/buildingcodeexams)
is now available. Humber will begin hosting examinations by mid-November.

Practitioners writing an examination for the first time will be required to apply to MMAH for a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN), before registering to take an examination through Humber College. Applying for a BCIN is quick and easy and can be done online by visiting MMAH’s website. There will be no charge for this service.

Current BCIN holders can go directly to Humber College’s online portal to register for an examination.

It is very important for building practitioners to ensure that their personal information is accurate and up-to-date in the ministry’s Qualification and Registration Tracking System (QuARTS) as they will be advised about examination results by e-mail.

BCIN holders can set up their own personal account in QuARTS, which provides an easy way to update information. If you do not currently have a QuARTS account, one can be set up through MMAH’s website.

MMAH is also modernizing the way that practitioners complete filing and registration applications. Starting November 1, 2014, faxed applications will no longer be accepted. Applications for certain filings and registrations can be made online through the QuARTS system. Online filings will streamline service delivery, improve response times, and increase the security of credit card information. Paper-based filing and registration applications will still be accepted by mail with a cheque or money order.

Finally, under the qualification and registration program, certain designers are required to carry insurance during their period of registration with MMAH. The Building Code was recently amended to authorize a standard form when submitting evidence of insurance. A new standardized insurance form has been developed, and will be available for use as part of registration applications on November 1, 2014. The use of the new form will be mandatory beginning January 1, 2015.

Information on the above changes are available on MMAH’s website (www.mah.gov.on.ca). Click on “Ontario Building Code” and then “Qualification and Registration”.

Further changes to the qualification and registration program will be effective January 1, 2015. All practitioners, including municipal building officials and on-site sewage installers, will be subject to annual registration. Further information on these changes will be available in the near future.

MMAH is committed to keeping building practitioners updated on changes that affect the qualification and registration program. You can receive updates by subscribing to Code News through the MMAH website.

Please contact a certification analyst at 416.585.6666 if you have any further questions.


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